Good and Bad Web Designs

The FredFlare website was the first well designed websites I chose. My reason for it is because of the clear hierarchy it has in addition to its neat adherence to a grid. The branding bar allows the viewer to easily navigate across the website, but my favorite part it how helpful the secondary navigation is. There are great use of visuals too.

My second good example is Leslie Sarna’s blog. I go to this site constantly because I love her blog and recipes, but the design of the pages are really fresh and easy on the eyes. You can easily see the grid system she chose. Her Branding header is fun and inviting and her second navigation bar helps organize the blog so you can get around easily. The application form is long; it goes down to reveal recent news (a live feed).

My example of bad web design would be YouTube. I love YouTube, but when you open to their home page, its complete chaos. The only sane thing is the branding header which also has global navigation, even though it is kind of boring. There is no hierarchy in the website, the application form just looks like one messy blob. It also blends in with the secondary navigation bar. The website has been up for so long now that you’d think they’d redesign it by now.

-Alyssa Miron

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