Good Sidebar

This is the recent Student Voice that came out. This student publication has a really unique sidebar that curves towards the article, which draws your eyes not only to what the sidebar is saying, but back to the text to read what the article is about. I personally think it was really uniqe and plays with the lines of the paper.


Alyssa Miron



I think this is a good example of a clean sidebar that displays information in a functional and still visually appealing way. The sidebar doesn’t detract from the photo or the text of the article. It balances the layout which is text heavy on the left side. It effectively combines pictures and text. Since it is a comparison sidebar, I think the choice to show images in relation to one another makes sense. Overall, I feel the sidebar completes the layout and fits well with the feel of the design. The bright pop of pink helps it to stand out and also compliments the color of Julia Robert’s famous mouth. The way the sidebar is set up vertically also offers nice contrast to the more horizontal format of the text on the opposite page.

Magazine Design Final



This side bar is for the NYLON magazine April 2011 edition. It included in a feature story about Jessica Barden, a British actress that is starring in the film “hanna.” This side bar is well designed because it is clean, proportional, and although it uses a different typeface than the feature, it blends well in the story. The side bar includes information about different fashion films, girl surfing films, and good music. The information, although irrelevant to the feature, mixes well with the theme of the article. When reading about a female actress, it is also good to see other female-inspiring roles in films and its a good way of promoting them as well.





I found this infographic online, and I think it is a pretty cool way to shoe the voices of all of the simpsons characters. It was definitely interesting, , and it provided information while being creatively implemented.


-Alyson Nagle

I thought this spread in Nylon magazine was a great example of a well designed side bar. This spread is driven by the strong picture on the left and is accompanied by the text on the right. The sidebar is text heavy, but I think thats the point. There is a sense of hierarchy, saying read me.

The editor’s want you to read about the books they are promoting. They make the association clear and simple while having a lot of text, which is difficult. -victoria troxler


This sidebar came in a Sports Illustrated article about baseball and how pitching has taken over hitting. I felt this was a good sidebar because visually it was small and neat, but because it was only a graph it was still easy to read. The graph showed the declining numbers of Designated Hitters in baseball over the past 10 years. In the context of the article, the sidebar displayed relevant and interesting information because the decline in DH hitting has contributed to such strong pitching years.

Thomas Hautmann