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Interface Final

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Homepage Rough

Favorite Website

I really love Anthropologie’s website. As far as design and content, they use textures and pictures to create an environment for the visitor. Their use of a textured background and large image almost make it feel like a window display at a store, and the really resonates with me. They also made the tabs look like they were glued onto and old piece of paper, which shows attention to detail. Aside from that, I appreciate the fact that the website is easy to navigate. The information bar at the top never changes and each of the tabs is very clear, so the site is user friendly.

Website Design

I chose Oneida Ltd’s website because this summer I interned there and they were renovating the entire system and layout of their website. The revised website is a huge improvement on the last one because it is clean, simple, and showcases their product above all other things. the tabs at the top make the website easily navigable and the prominent search bar makes anything you may not instantly find easily available within seconds. I also like that there is almost no scrolling involved on this website. It makes me more likely to read it.

The second website that I chose is Urban Outfitters. Their design follows either a 6 or 12 column grid and everything that is on the homepage neatly aligns to it. Yhey have a lot of white space and complementary colors so the site is visually appealing and they give off a clean yet unique vibe. The boxes to the right of the large picture are also all the same size but contain very different images. This is a good example of gestalt. I honestly want to buy their clothes just because of their website.

This is the website for an on-campus initiative to help match student entrepreneurs with organizations that can help them succeed. The group is called Enitiative. I think their site is wildly unsuccessful because it is so cluttered. There are too many colors that simply do not match, and there are about 4 different gradients along with a graphic of some metal balls. It is distracting and makes the viewer question what Enitiative does at all. I think in order to be successful, they need to pare down on the colors that they use as well as the amount of information available directly on the homepage.

Magazine Final

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Magazine layout

This magazine uses a really simple layout with two columns and five rows. I think that the reason that they chose a layout that was this simplistic was because they didn’t want to distract from the powerful picture that they featured on the left page. Also, they have white writing on a black background so they chose a layout that didn’t support a ton of text because then readers could get confused. I like that they allowed their grid to be broken by their title; it draws more attention to it and helps with Gestalt.