Final Post

I think this course gave an excellent overview of the different areas of graphic design and how to apply those areas to your professional life. As a PR major, I feel stronger having experience in graphic design. Knowing what goes into making an aesthetically pleasing yet functional logo or website is something relevant to my future line of work. Overall, I loved learning about the various forms of design because I feel more knowledgeable now about those designs than other competitors my age in my field. Requiring this course for PR majors is a great idea.

Also, I think the course covered all of the material I would want to learn about in an into graphics class. I think I got a good handle on the Adobe Suite. Maybe there could be a little more emphasis placed on Photoshop earlier in labs so that we could use it for the poster project and not just the magazine or website project. But overall I think the timing of the projects and the labs were well thought out and doable. I had a great semester and I hope to take more graphics courses in the future.

-Jackie Dickson

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