I learned a lot during my time in class that I definitely feel will help me in the future. As a Magazine major, I feel a lot more confident about my abilities in terms of magazine design. While I don’t necessarily want to design in the future, knowing how the type and images need to all work together is something that can only benefit me in the future. I also learned a lot of basic skills that are important in any job. I really liked that this class gave us the opportunity to explore our individual interests but wish that labs could have been slightly different. While I do think it was really helpful to have the programs explained to us, I felt a lot of the labs were very long. I think that if they were condensed, giving us time to work in class and ask questions, they would have been more beneficial for everyone. What I learned that stands out the most is how influential and powerful simple design can be. I remember trying to make my original resume extremely “creative” and filled with a lot of excess design that only took away from the information I was trying to present. After completely my re-do, I realized that simple and clean design really works because you are able to convey your message effectively. For me, this was extremely important because every internship interview I went on, the employees were really impressed that someone so young had such a professional looking resume.

Overall, I really enjoyed this class and feel like I gained so much from it.

-Gabby Rello

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