I really enjoyed this class. I entered Graphics with a pretty general knowledge of graphic design, but I loved to learn new ways to use graphics. My favorite aspect of the class was the ongoing study of typography. As an inspiring art director, learning about typography was incredible helpful. In assembling my portfolio for advertising this semester, I found the lessons we learned in Graphics to be really beneficial. Relationships between type and image are SO important in advertising and this course really helped me learn how to develop that connection. I plan on using all of my projects in my art direction portfolio and regularly use my identity system to stand out to future employers. The only aspect of this class that I didn’t like was the structure of lecture. I feel as if this course would be better suited to a much smaller format, with variations of lecture and lab time. It would have been a tremendous help if lab sessions occurred in class.

If I wasn’t graduating next year, I’d definitely be taking another graphics class!

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