This is one of the most beneficial classes of this semester. I’ve learned so much about design concepts such as Gestalt and hierarchy. I’ve also learned how to use programs that I’ve never used before like the Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. I think learning and working with these programs throughout this semester definitely made me feel much more comfortable using Adobe design products. This is very valuable for me in the future because I like to sketch and being familiar with Adobe allows me to digitize my sketches and ideas so that I can share them with clients if I do decide to freelance in graphic design someday.

One design concept that stood out to me the most is simplicity. Since we are living in an era where we’re constantly bombarded with images and texts wherever we go, I think clean simple yet creative designs are definitely more appealing to our eyes especially on resume and poster designs where the audience just wants quick information.

My favorite part about this course is when I get to see my finished designs while the least favorite part is the long hours that I spent in the lab working on these designs.

-D. Liu

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