About the class

This is definitely the highlight of my semester. I enjoyed the lecture as well as (though hard to believe) the working process and the long hours in the lab, playing with the adobe softwares. Before I started the class, I’ve heard a lot of “warnings” telling me how hard it is and how time-consuming, and how the professors are impossible to please. Well, it is very time-consuming and challenging, but I love it.

In the lectures, I’m so glad that I’ve learned the theories of design and what works (and not word) visually. I am a visual person, and the things we learned in class make so much sense to me and help me better understand the things I see. Of course, the gestalt, the hierarchy, and Helvetica. Since I love photography too, I think the knowledge I learned in this design class helps me shoot better pictures as well. And I absolutely appreciate the skills we learned in the lab session, so that I know how to use Indesign and Illustrator and Photoshop, which I would definitely use in the future. As a magazine major, graphic design is crucial to my future career, and it is surely a valuable addition to my quality. I want to start my own magazine in the future, and now, I can actually design my own magazine:).

I think the only thing that really frustrated me is the last part, which we have to use Photoshop to design the website. I think we didn’t have enough time to learn about PS in the lab since it is a more complicated software. I like InDesign the best. And ever since I learned graphics, people keep coming to me and ask me to help design posters and magazine. I would like to take further class in graphic design if I need time.

I enjoy this class a lot! and I think Renee is a great teacher, informative, helpful, and above all, very understanding.

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