What I learned

This class has definitely opened my eyes to the huge world of design.  As silly as it sounds, I had no idea how much design there is in the world, it’s basically everywhere.  I really do notice so much more about how things look and how I can make them better.  This class was really beneficial because it taught me the basics on how to use the adobe programs.  I realize now how often I can use these programs for other things besides this class.  It was also beneficial to learn a lot of the design principles in order to know why things look good.  Knowing why they look good helps a lot with trying to make them look good.  I can honestly say I’ll probably use all the things I learned in this class for my future career.  One thing that could be improved on for this class is that sometimes the critiques got really long and drawn out.  I really enjoyed having the class help me with my projects, making them better, but I like the small group critiques more because we can really focus on a few projects.  Coming into this class having never even opened an indesign document before, the thing that I learned that stands out the most was how to work with those programs.  Knowing about hierarchy in design also stands out because I used it to do all my projects and now see it when I look at anything printed.  And sometimes I even get annoyed when there’s an orphan on a paper I’m writing for a different class.  All in all, I enjoyed this class.

Katie Bresnahan

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