What I learned in GRA 217

My absolute favorite thing I learned in Graphics was to appreciate good typography. I never realized how many typefaces there were in the world and how much work went into producing them. I also never realized how much meaning each typeface has behind it and how typefaces can really become visual art. The most beneficial aspect of the class was definitely the critiques with my classmates, Professor Stevens, and Bridget. I really tried to get the most out of each critique and push myself to be as successful as possible with each assignment. Thus far, I am so happy with how all my projects turned out. As for the future, concerning all my assignments, I will definitely take with me that simplicity is key and to always create hierarchy. Each project I produced I tried to be as simple as possible, while still remaining creative, organized, and structured. I think lab time should be better used towards helping with our actual assignments. I truly believe most of my procedure with the programs came out of my own time with lack of help from lab hours. Lab hours usually seemed extremely not useful towards the upcoming assignments. Working on the computer during lecture time would probably be more helpful. I also loved when Professor Stevens would show us examples of other work. It really helped me get creative and unleash ideas. The videos and clips were always really interesting and fun to break up the lecture. All in all, It was a really great semester and I am so proud of all the work I completed. – Jessica Ente

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