good website

The CNN website is where I visit almost everyday to get news. It might not be my personal favorite website, but compared to other news agency, I do like CNN’s website more, so I get my news information from its website everyday. The layout of the website is very simple and clean. The recognizable logo of CNN on the top center is the first thing you see. Right below it is the main navigation bar that tells you the different topics of news, so that the viewer can go right into the area he or she want to get information. The main content is divided into three larger columns, on the left are the latest news that got updated momently. If the viewer want the most recent news, that’s the place to go. And in the center, the wider column is the most important news, featured a large photo in on the top that attract the most attention. Under the big news are the thumbnails of different videos. It is further divided into three columns and arranged by the most recent. Then on the right, it’s advertisement, social media stuffs, and recent comments.

I think the website has a strong and clear hierarchy that guides the reader to better navigate the site. And the design is very clear and easy to read. There are not a lot of heavy texts on the main page. And it only uses dominant colors of red and white and black. Especially compared to the website of New York Times, which I think it’s a nightmare, CNN’s website is successfully designed.

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