This is an advertising agency that focuses on the ‘digital world’, so it is essential that they do a good job of presenting the business in which they are trying to sell to clients, which is web and other digtial elements of advertising. While there is a lot of color and visual elements it all contrasts each other well and is extremely easy to navigate. There is not much scrolling to do at all, which is really nice because it seems effortless when you are looking for this or just browsing around. There is a lot of information but they lay it out in a very horizontal matter which is unique and they manage to do this successfully by categorizing things and making more tabs then usual websites. This works very well for the kinds of business it is. The moving images in the background are really interesting because they manage to like re focus in your eyes without distracting you since the images are blurred out and you can’t really see what is going on and you don’t feel the need to, its more just like the background colored dots are changing slightly. They want people to be engaged, to see something new, show new technology and new creativity and thats exactly what their website does.


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