Favorite Website

Right now, Twitter is my favorite website. I guess one could even say that I have become a little Twitter obsessed.

Twitter has recently redesigned its homepage. Since I am automatically logged into my Twitter account on my computer, I never really interact with the homepage, but I do enjoy the new design. The new layout is a lot cleaner. I also like the new shade of blue—it’s very calming. The homepage has a horizontal composition. The search bar and new “featured tweeters” bar leads my eyes across the page right to the “sign up” box, which conveniently has a slight glow affect.

Once a user logs on, he or she is taken to his or her timeline. There are two main vertical components which make it easy to navigate. One is clearly the timeline while the other contains the user’s followers/followees, trending topics, and suggestions as to who to follow. What is really great is that all of the coloring of the links, sidebar, and background are completely customizable, making it a personal experience for the user.

— Jaime Manela

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