website design post

A website that I think is very well designed is +h= sum ( I think that it is simple yet bold in its illustration, and I love how all it used is the header and footer. The main page doesn’t need to be busy, it just needs to make a statement and an atmosphere, and I think that +h= sum’s website succeeded in doing just that.

I chose as another good example of  web design. Being a website intended for information and articles, Rolling Stone’s website organizes its content very clearly with three columns and bold rule lines. Although I think the main page is very busy and could be condensed A LOT, I think it has a professional and comprehensive layout geared to its audience.

The Evolution and the Nature of Sciences Institute website is HORRIBLY designed. Being a professional organization which hopes to educate people of evolution and other areas of science, it’s website should be appealing and professional. However, it looks as though it was made when the internet was first created, it uses undesirable typefaces such as ComicSans, its organization is chaotic, and the images and colors chosen make the site hard illegible and unattractive.

-Alyson Nagle

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