Good and Bad Design

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The first two websites are very unorganized and cluttered. There is no grid system and the colors do not coordinate. It’s hard to navigate around Fabric Land because there is so much going on and it is difficult to concentrate. The pictures are random and there is no consistency. Although the navigation on the Gates and Fences site is easier to find, the overall website is still overcome by copy. Nobody wants to sit and read all of the small text. If I were to come to this site I would be looking for quick information but this is not user friendly. In addition the textured background ads another distraction to the array of other design strategies that are going on.

The next two websites have a significantly more successful design. The social snack site is simple and the objective is clearly stated. The illustrations enhance the design and the point of the website and are carried through the design in a unified, creative fashion (birds with thought bubbles). The navigation bar is clearly identifiable and you don’t have to scroll far to find everything that you need. Lastly, Think Green is a very successful website because of its simplicity. The repetition works with gestalt and makes the objective stand out because it is different while at the same time offering some information based on illustration. There is a simple navigation bar and everything is very easy to locate. This design intrigues me and makes me want to seek out more.

-Stefanie Schaefer

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