ESPN is my favorite site and while it always irks me a bit when they change the layout I think their most recent one is a big success. The layout is very easy to navigate. The scoreboard is at the very top under the logo, followed by all the different sports pages underneath. Then the top stories take up the big screen and other headlines are right next to it. The backdrop also looks good. (more on ESPN for the next post)

I also really like HBOs website. I think compared to many other websites of television stations, there is way too many promotions all on one page and you kind of get lost. But on, the links navigating you to other pages is in big type and on the lefthand side of one big picture that promotes only one of their shows ( you can click through different thumbnails to get to your favorite show) The channel’s TV listings are also right at the bottom, so you don’t even need to click a link to get to it. I think it’s a unique and easy layout that also tells me this station values quality over quantity.

The one website I really didn’t like while browsing was Time Magazine’s. needs a serious makeover. When compared to other news sites (CNN for one) it’s more confusing and less appealing. I don’t know where to look first. You can tell the top story is in the middle, but all around it are different rows and columns of clusters of news stories. Also, the top navigation bar is way to small. I think one thing that hurts this website is the type. It just doesn’t look good. Another thing is lack of color. Everything underneath the top bar is on a white background, and with so many different columns and rows you can easily get lost.

-Thomas Hautmann

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