I have always loved the flickr website because of its simplicity and how much white space there is.  Also, there is always an amazing photograph featured on the front page that I always love looking at.  The white space compliments the photo and makes the website seem very balanced.  Although the ad on the side is somewhat annoying and ruins the image of the website, it is only there because I have a basic account and not a premium.

I have always liked looking at the Forever21 website because the front page image is always eye-catching and interesting.  The usage of the photo as the vocal point and the simplicity of the rest of the website helps make the viewer want to see what the photograph is about.  The website is easy to navigate and I’ve never had a problem with it.  The grid also makes the website easy to understand.

The Craigslist website is absolutely horrible.  There is no hierarchy and the type fills up the whole page which makes it boring.  The colors are monotone and add to the drab and horrible website.  There is absolutely nothing that catches my eye on this website and nothing that makes this website intriguing.

Yuki Mizuma

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