Website Layouts

The websites I chose are in the gallery below. First as a good example, I chose Yahoo. Yahoo is easy to navigate with the tool bars on the side and its straight to the point. The layout is not confusing and everything is self-explanatory. For an example of a negative website, I chose Nordstrom because they used to have a easy to navigate website but recently they have changed their website for the worst. It is hard to navigate and confusing to figure out where the designers and clothes actually are. The images are pretty and all but it makes the website more difficult to navigate and takes the place of where the buttons should be. A second example of a good website is the Syracuse University website. The layout makes sense for students and visitors to navigate easily thorough. All of the sub sites are easy to find with the sidebars and everything a reader needs to know is out in the open on the welcome page for them to find, or figure out where to find what they need.

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