Website Examples

This is a company I work for over the summer. When I started with them they had a different web page. It was hard to find the newsroom and the orange navigation bar at the top was a lot smaller and set above the logo. I like that the web page has been updated and modernized. The logo is easy to see and pronounced but it does not distract from the navigation bar. I also like how the typical “footer” material is at the top because it makes is easily accessible. Not all websites do this so I thought it was an interesting choice.

I love Gawker and I think the layout has a lot to do with this. The web page is a blog site but it offers two possibilities for how to view the blog. There is Gawker’s layout on the left and the sidebar on the right presents an option for the traditional blog viewing. I also think the icons (the navigation bar) on the top right are very creative and whimsical.

This is another organization I have volunteered with. This website is an updated version of the one I worked with but it is still too cluttered. The navigation bar on the top had six options and then the side navigation has six more options, all of which lead to equally important pages about volunteering. There is no information hierarchy on this website. Though it is easier to find the information on this page than is was in past years, there is just too much going on for navigation.

-Jackie Dickson

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