Website Designs

Second, as we move into the web design project I want you guys to start thinking about what makes a good web page so you will need to find 2 examples of successful designs and one example of an unsuccessfully designed web page. When you are analyzing them make sure you not only take into account the design layout/elements we have learned in class, but also consider how easy/or not it is to navigate the page.

Good Websites:

This one got cut off because my browser was smaller, but I like the layout a lot. The main navigation bar on the left is constant no matter where you click on the website, so you can always choose which genre you want to look into. It then lists a bunch of music festivals, and you can choose which one to elaborate on and gives you full instructions. This site is very easy to navigate and there is a home button at the bottom so you can always return to the homepage. The homepage also has a search area where you can look up specific concerts for, and at the very bottom of my picture you can see it lists all festivals that are coming up in the near future. The typeface could be a little better, because the whole site is done in something that looks like Courier or something like that, but I think the layout is very well done.

This is the website of a woman who does underwater photography. The home page is a slideshow of pieces she has done. Her logo is across the top, and the main bar that’s across the top is consistently there in all the posts. The whole layout of the site is very clear and consistent. Each subheader goes to a page that has thumbnails of the photos she has taken for each of the categories, and you can click on each one to see it enlarged. It is a simple site but I think it is the best laid out out of most that I’ve seen.

Bad website:

This is literally all you see once the intro screen passes. It is from “” which I just came across from stumbleupon. I have no idea what the website is about, and as you can see down the side you can choose various topics. I think this website is just made so you can make “maps” connecting people and events, because as I chose a premade list this showed up:

as much as this website utilizes white space.. literally.. I’m still trying to figure out what it actually is for.

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