Successful vs. Unsuccessful Web Design

AE in general always has pretty nice designs on its website. Whenever there’s a major holiday or season change, AE always changes its layouts accordingly. This particular layout and design is very fun and colorful, perfect to advertise the clothes it tries to sell for this coming Spring/Summer. I also like how easy it is to navigate around the page. For its homepage, it’s a nice horizontal layout with bold graphics and photography. In addition, I think there’s also a cohesive color theme on this page which guides one’s eyes all around the page.

The second successful web design has to be by Apple. I’ve always liked Apple’s simple and clean designs with lots of large, bold, and high resolution graphics and product shots. I think Apple’s web design matches perfectly with the company’s image which are simplicity, cleanness, sophistication, innovation, and professionalism. Apple mainly implements a vertical layout design throughout its website which I think is very effective especially with the help of black type on a white background. This user friendly interface also helps viewers quickly search for whatever that they’re looking for.

Lastly, the winner for the most unsuccessful web design has to be the old MySpace. For those of us who still remembered using MySpace back in the old days, I was always excited to find out what kinds of bad design I would encounter each time I tried to login from its homepage. Whenever there was a new movie release or a new video game coming out, awful advertisements would always pop up in the background as the “theme” of the day. Another thing I hated about MySpace was its two column layout. It looked extremely boring, yet somehow always chaotic at the same time. It was also impossible to navigate around because the design was just too awful.

-D. Liu

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