Good and Bad Websites by Allison Rube

I think is a great website. I save it as a bookmark on my computer and visit it every day. It is extremely navigable. At the top are the options “home,” “travel,” “outdoors,” and “forecasts.” These are topics that I would be likely to select. As soon as a I log on to the site, I am able to click these. The website also gives you to the option to save locations. I have the location “Syracuse, NY” saved at the top. As soon as I log on I can see the Syracuse weather. In general, the website is simple and easy to navigate.  -Allison Rube

Along with many fashion websites, Chanel has a website that is extremely hard to navigate. There are constant images flashing on the screen that are very distracting. If I wanted to quickly find something on the website, it would take several minutes to find it. There is hardly any information available on the website and you are constantly clicking different buttons to get anywhere. -Allison Rube

This is one of the worst websites that I have ever seen. The image in the background is extremely distracting. I found it almost impossible to find any of the information that I was looking for. If I were looking for a phone number or email to contact, it would be extremely hard to find. -Allison Rube

I believe this site is designed very well. For those visiting the website, it is extremely easy to navigate. I believe the most important part of a website is to have contact information readily available. Also, people may visit to find out about upcoming events. The upcoming events of the week or month are located on the main page. It is also easy to learn about Newhouse and find information that students may want. -Allison Rube

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