I hate everything about myslice. Other then the obvious reasons that are associated with all class scheduling sites, I think the site is very poorly laid out. It is not logical or easy to navigate. The text is all similar in size typeface and font, their is hardly any hierarchy and the only way its separated is by boxes which really does not clarify much at all.

The gilt website is very clean and visually pleasing. The black background is a great contrast becuase all the differnt items it features are always colorful or shot against colorful backgrounds to create a very nice contrast. The use of hierarchy as well as consistencymake this a very successful website design that is very easy and keeps getting easier to navigate through.

While there is a lot of different elements on this website I think they do a very good job of having the tabs and different pages easy to get to. You don’t have to waste any time looking for your desired destination. They do a good job of drawing your attention to advertisements but not in an overwhelming way.


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