Favorite Website

One of my favorite websites is UrbanOutfitters.com. What I particularly love about this website is the amount of white space it has, which in my opinion makes it look very clean and modern. I think this fits the clothes it sells, which is why I think this is a great website. I like how the logo (or name of company) is at the top left and is the largest text on the page. I think the navigation is very simple and easy to understand. If you scroll over any of the navigation options a secondary navigation appears, which is helpful and very space-saving. I like how the homepage is divided into 2 columns with the larger column being a picture and the smaller column being exclusive items being sold on the website, which are divided by a clean simple line that matches the line underneath the navigation. Also, I really like how the website doesn’t have a lot of text because it makes it easy for the viewer to figure out exactly where to go on the website.

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