Allison Richards : Website designs

I hate to admit it, but i do use this website quite often. I think it is easy to navigate and use. It is clear what this website is for and the different tabs make it easy to figure out and search for the particular movie or show of your choice. There is also an acceptable amount of download time so the users will not be frustrated. Although there is a lot going on, I feel that the website works because of its easy to use format.

I also like the design of this website. It is clear what the website is called and the color contrast when you switch pages is helpful for the viewers to know what they are looking at. There is also clear tabs above the top to encourage shoppers to buy the products in this website, which is the ultimate goal of

This is the website for my hometown and i feel that is has an overall poor design.  For starters, it is very corny in the design. The tabs along the side are also in hypertext, which makes it look very unprofessional. Lastly, there is too much text, which will discourage views.

This goes with out being said, that this website is extremely poorly designed. There is was too much going on in the background, which will distract visitors from the purpose of the site when then visit it. There is too many links to click on, which can get very overwhelming. The website is also interactive, which can be distracting.

-Allison Richards

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