Good and Bad Websites

Good Design:

1. The NewsHouse –

I think that The NewsHouse has really great design. It is a news website, yet it doesn’t feel like one. I love how the first thing you see when you open the web page is a visual. The large and powerful image instantly draws the viewer in. The three column layout is familiar and clean to read.

2. Free People –

Free People’s website is successful because it is fresh. The script-like typography and opaque pastel colors give it good flow. There are not too many looks or clothing items displayed on the main page. Many clothing websites fall into this trap, making for a cluttered website. The “lack” of content only peaks my curiosity and invites me to explore the website more.

Bad Design:

Newhouse –

I don’t know if it is the greatest idea for me to bash my home college’s own website, but for a top tier communications program, I am slightly disappointed with the layout. I think the majority of the reason why I dislike the website is because of the color scheme. Something about it just seems terribly awkward and uninviting. Also, I hate the “Wibiya” bar that automatically appears at the bottom of the page. I have never seen this bar on any other website – it’s foreign, useless, and unnecessary.

— Jaime Manela

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