web design post

As I was looking through my bookmarked webpages in preparation for this assignment, I noticed that I prefer pages that are designed with a good balance of words and visuals. One example is ModCloth.com. Their logo is prominently featured in the left-hand corner, which seems to be pretty standard. It features a prominent navigation tool bar on both the top and left-hand side. It features an easy to find search bar. The main content of the site is pictures of the clothing they feature. If you want more information about a specific piece you simply click on the image.

Another successful design is Flickr. It is very minimalist and makes great use of whitespace. It understands the reasons someone might come to the sight and makes it easy for them to get where they need to go. It makes good use of a grid system and as a photo-sharing site should, uses images to its advantage. I like the sites use of bold, clean typeface as well.

This last website broke my heart a few months ago when they changed their layout. Gawker media went through an entire design overhaul and in my opinion, and from what i’ve heard many other’s, the change was for the worse. Apparently, the change was made in order to feature design elements more prominently. The new design showcases prominent stories, but I believe that as a current event blog that is updated throughout the day, the should always display things in chronological order. The sidebar is less effective than its predecessor because it shows fewer stories at a time. Overall, the design is so anti-user-friendly, that I find myself visiting the site less. Luckily, you can change the display to blog view, but its not quite the same.

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