Good & Bad Websites

I think that Syracuse University’s library page is done really well. To start off, they did a great job of matching all of the colors on the page so that it was visually pleasing. It appears that they took colors from the photograph of the library and the trees to determine which colors they were going to use: orange, green, gray, black, red, etc. The drop down tabs for each section are very easy to navigate. There’s also a lot of hierarchy throughout the webpage—this also makes it easy to navigate. All of the pages on the website are fairly consistent with a 3 column grid.

The website for has always bothered me because of the way it is setup. I always have some sort of issue finding the section for movies in theaters, entering a zipcode, checking movie times, etc. I don’t think they use enough visual hierarchy on their webpage and that’s why it is so hard to navigate. It’s also difficult because not every button has a drop down menu option. is another example of a great website. They divide up the main webpage into several different rows so that it’s easy to see. Also, they have little pictures of every movie available so you can see the movie title and the actors in the film. The images initially appear small but when you roll your mouse over the image they pop out of the screen. The colors are all consistent and visually pleasing. Additionally, the drop down menus are organized well and easy to use.

-Jillian Marom

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