web design

The website for National Geographic is really well-designed, it carries the same sophisticated style of the prestigious magazine and uses the same dominant colors of black and yellow, which people would recognize immediately. Its branding header, which is the logo of the magazine, is on the top left corner, with a search box on the right. The main navigation bar is right below the header and the secondary navigation bar is below the main navigation, in a smaller size. The main content of the website is basically divided into three columns. and the top of the page is always a big photo slideshow, since NG is known for its fine photography. The images really add to the quality of the look. The main page is very organized and doesn’t contain tons of information, so it makes it much easier to navigate. If click on a secondary page, it follows similar layout, and every section has an editor picks section and specific news on the right. All in all, the website is nicely designed–simple, organized, classic, and also easy to look through and look for information.

This is a website for a famous agency called VII. It provides excellent photography to newspapers and magazines, and it has some most well-known photographer of the time. First, the gray color tone of the site has a serious feeling to it that indicate the significance of the images. Since the nature of the website is a photo gallery and stories, the design can be really simple and effective. It has a logo on the top left corner, and a main navigation bar on the top. On the left is a sidebar of the VII magazine and below are the current news. The website is really straightforward and easy to explore. It has a strong visual impact that emphasizes the photos the most, and also very informative.

The bad example I picked, unfortunately, is the New York Times. Though I read the newspaper everyday, on paper, I rarely go to its website. I think there are just too many information on the main page and confusing to navigate. The header is in the center, and the main navigation is a long row on the left. There are too many titles of different sections too. Although there’s a dominant photo slide at the center, the website still seems pretty messy. It has 5 rows, which is way too much. Also, the main page is really long, and there’s a lot to scroll down. I don’t think anyone would have the patience to look at them all. In a word, even though its slogan is “all the news that fit to print,” it squeezes in too much information on its website! cause on a website, you should not fit in everything. Just because you can, you should put the most important thing on the main page, and give the view more space to navigate, and also more space for a eye.

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