Good/Bad Websites

As much as I love, I realized today that it has a poorly designed layout. Because there is so much going on I find it to be confusing to do anything besides read the articles he has posted. It doesn’t really have a conventional layout and I think that makes it difficult to navigate. There isn’t a global navigation at the top or on the side and if you want to navigate to other pages of the site, you have to scroll down because all of that information is cluttered on top of each other on the left-hand side. Therefore, I think needs simplicity and clearer information for it to be a good website. is one of my favorite websites and I think it has a great layout. The Branding Header is nice and big at the top and the global navigation is easy to to navigate. When you scroll over a heading of the navigation, a menu appears with all the different subsections you could go to. I think this makes it easy for viewers to understand the information and easily get from page to page. There is a 2-column grid system with one larger column and one smaller column. Their social media information goes on the smaller column and all of their articles are posted on the larger column. There are large pictures and not a lot of information, which makes the website very attractive by providing quick information. I think overall it is a really effective website. is another good example of a great website. Apple’s layout is very simple and easy to understand. It uses a 3 column layout with a lot of pictures and minimal text. It divides the global navigation by each of its products to make it easy to navigate for the viewers. It saves viewers a lot of time and effort because all of the information is clearly laid out. There is a lot of white space and it looks very modern, which is consistent with the brand. Also, all of the elements fit really well in the grid system. Finally, what I really like about Apple is it doesn’t have advertisement space. It is all focused on the brand and its products, which is a change from other websites.

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