Good/Bad Website Design Layouts


I think Twitter is a very successful website design layout. It’s two column grid is very organized and easy to navigate. The main navigation bar is very organized and simple which makes the website so successful. One thing unique to Twitter that I noticed is that they do not have a footer. I continuously scrolled down the website and finally came to the conclusion that there really is no footer. Since Twitter is not necessarily a “typical” website, I think it is okay that it does not have a footer. Twitter’s website work because if you take a look, it is just so simple and all alligned in two very rectangular grids.

Another very successful website layout design is CNN uses a three column grid to organize its text heavy website. I really love the main navigation bar on It is very organized and simple and the colors are very consistent. The site also uses a great deal of hierarchy with the main content photographs being larger than the rest. I also really like the organization of the secondary navigation bars. They organize the upcoming stories in a way that does not make it seem so text heavy. The footer is also extremely organized and uses a great deal of gestault.

I think is an unsuccessful example of a website design layout. Although it does use a three column grid, it is extremely packed with visuals and information that makes it feel very cluttered. I think the placement of the main content is a little off centered and should be bigger to create hierarchy. The secondary navigation bar is also extremely dull and uncreative. I think it calls no attention to itself and I definitely think this is a poor example of a website design layout.

-Jessica Ente

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