magazine final

    • Zoey Topper
    • April 14th, 2011

    I think Kexin is really talented. I love every single aspect of her design. On the cover, I love the how simplicity is mixed with ornamental design and I really like how the magazine name appears to have some involvement with the picture on the cover. In the spreads, I love the blues and the typefaces she uses. In the 2nd spread, my favorite thing is how she wraps the text around the girl. It is so subtly done that it looks fantastic. Also, I like how she used an info-graphic and almost incorporated it into her article design. It doesn’t look like an info-graphic but rather part of the article, which is really effective.

    Overall, I think Kexin did an excellent job and I think this magazine appeals directly to the Chinese students at Syracuse.

  1. I love this design and I can not wait for you to debut it in Newhouse next semester. I think you made it clean but sophisticated and simple. The colors on your spread come across quite nicely and your inforgraphic was very creative. My only concern is the typeface for the headline on your first spread. Other than that the design is very beautiful. My favorite part is your cover. I think it will really attract a lot of attention.

  2. I love this magazine because it is very unique and different. My favorite part of the design is the different colors. The cover page uses red and the next spread uses blue and black. For the reader, this is an unexpected change but it makes the magazine different. It is really unique and attractive.

    -Allison Rube

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