Magazine Sidebar

When I read the description for our next blog post, I immediately thought of this image. Ever since coming across it in Real Simple during class, I cannot get it out of my head.

In my opinion, the number one reason that the design of this sidebar is so effective is because it is interactive. It gives the reader something to do while receiving information. On top of that, the bright-colored, fun, and whimsical design perfectly compliments the witty information (which is beyond relatable). This, however, is not unique to this spread. The entire article is filled with short and smart blurbs about how to avoid procrastination; the design matches with the content of the article. The image takes up the entire page, which is bold for a “sidebar,” and is vertical in composition. Therefore, when the reader is finished reading through the sidebar, his or her eyes are brought directly to the headline and start of the article on the bottom half of the next page. The page designer truly unifies the images and the text by using bright colored dots to highlight and display information throughout the spreads.

— Jaime Manela

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