Sucessful Sidebar Usage

I really love the design of this sidebar. I like the color change on the bottom which really creates hierarchy on the page and draw the viewer’s eyes to the quick, fast and visual information. The sidebar is also very large and easy to understand. The sidebar is also extremely organized with its graph like infographic. The content given is very successful because it directly relates to the article upon it.The sidebar is giving information about the fastest accelerating land vehicle in the world through a graph visual. The article itself is talking about the fastest vehicle in the world. The sidebar is given quick information that one might really want to know without having to read the entire article. At first glance this sidebar is more visually tasteful than just the article. I personally think the sidebar makes this magazine spread more than the article. It is very uniquely creative and really stands out to me. The sidebar directly relates to the article and the design and the entire spread really picks up a technology savyy vibe. All in all, I feel this is a very tasteful and successful usage of a sidebar that I would love to incorporate on my own magazine spread. – Jessica Ente

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