Poster Rough

-Gabriella Rello

    • Alyssa Miron
    • March 9th, 2011

    The bubbles provide continuity that allows my eyes to move down the page easily. It’s an attractive poster that would grab my attention on the wall. My only note is the bluntness of the red in the sign under dive is very distracting, almost screaming in my face. Maybe move this to a bottom corner or somewhere that doesn’t draw my attention away from the rest of the poster? I love this though, cool typefaces.

  1. I love this poster! I love the flow of the bubbles and how it draws you to the bottom of the page. My only critique would be the placement of the logo. It seems awkwardly placed so I think that can be moved. I also think the type in the bubbles needs to be increased to become more readable. 🙂

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