Current Event in Design

Skoda is a Czech Republic-based automobile manufacturer that has been owned by Volkswagon since 2000. In March 2011, they announced their new logo. The logo has two large differences. The first is the removal of the brand name. This signifies that that brand has achieved enough recognition in its area that it no longer needs the name (sort of like Toyota). Also, the background for the design has been made green. This was done to signify Skoda’s focus on the environment and “being green.” Skoda also said the blue circle enclosing the design was down to reflect the Volkswagen logo.

The brand is an up-and-comer in the automotive industry. I think the logo change is a little too youthful for the car brand. The old logo looked very beautiful on a car. It paralleled the Volkswagen logo but it was unique. The new youthful quality of the logo takes away the elegance of the old logo. Critics have praised the new simpler logo. But it has yet to be added onto a manufactured vehicle and I think the use of green and blue on the new models of Skoda cars will be key in determining how well the new logo works for the brand.

-Jackie Dickson

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