Current Event

The official royal wedding coin for Prince William and Kate Middleton was released this week. The entire royal household as well as the government approved the royal coin. The coin was created for the upcoming wedding and was designed by The Royal Mint. The coin contains: Prince William and Kate Middleton’s profiles facing inward, their names above their faces, and the date at the bottom. Their faces appear 3D on the coin and are very lifelike—it’s almost creepy in a way; especially because both of their mouths are open.

The coin had a lot of media hype because it had to be approved by Queen Elizabeth II. The coin is being sold to the public for 10 pounds. The public has had a lot of mixed reviews on the outcome of the coin. Some love it while others believe that it’s unrealistic and creepy.

The typeface is simple in all caps with serifs. The details in Prince William and Kate Middleton’s faces are what make the coins special. This coin represents how talented the design world is; they were able to take a small silver coin and engrave intricate details and text onto it.

-Jillian Marom

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