Poster Post

The first image I chose is a Crystal Castles poster for a show in Austin, Texas. I really liked this poster for it’s simplicity and it’s eye catching graphics. There is a tiny chest piece looking castle with a rainbow bursting out which really works to depict the type of music that Crystal Castles performs. They are in the electronica genre and their music is very whimsical and bright. I’m drawn to the black and white and the rainbow and how they work together to draw in the viewers.

The next poster is another Crystal Castles poster, and one in which I did not think was as well executed. Many of the Crystal Castles event posters had really unique concepts and although this has its great elements, I think there is too much typeface and not enough of a cohesive design element. Especially for a New Year’s Eve event, I feel as if the poster needs more clarity and more graphic elements.

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