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I’m not sure if this is a new story but recently SiriusXM Radio created a new logo that incorporated the two leading satellite radio logos. Sirius and XM merged in 2008 and originally just put the two logos together side by side (shown above). But recently, they debuted their new logo, which can be seen in the second image. I personally don’t like the new logo. I think it is very plain and boring. Although I like how they kept XM’s waves to keep brand recognition, I don’t like how they didn’t keep the dog or either of the two company’s typeface. Also, I don’t think the waves have the same effect as did the old ones. In addition, I think it is weird how XM has a lower-cased M in the new logo, which is very different from its previous one. I personally am a fan of the typeface used in Sirius’ old logo and wish they used that one for the new one. I really believe that SiriusXM could have done a much better job and made a more creative logo. The new logo uses too plain/simple of a typeface and doesn’t stand out as well as the old one.

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