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I was browsing through the “Brand New” blog looking for exciting news and current events in the world of corporate brand and identity graphics. While I was browsing, I discovered that Sirius XM, JCPenny, Long John Silver’s, IFC, and Coinstar all have new logos. Interesting. However, it was only until I reached the third page of the blog that I was really caught off guard: NBC Universal (which is now NBCUniversal) changed its logo.

This post was written on February 1, but it took me the whole month to even notice, what I believe to be a pretty major change. I guess that is because NBC, the broadcaster (aka the television station and its affiliates) still use and will continue to use the iconic peacock logo. I see it every on the corner of my computer screen every Sunday when I watch the previous night’s episode of SNL.

The presentation of the new logo came days before the finalization of NBC Universal’s acquisition by Comcast. The removal of the space between NBC and Universal emphasizes the unity of its two main divisions. Additionally, by removing the peacock (iconic to NBC) and the silhouette of the globe (iconic to Universal), the media conglomerate is trying to demonstrate that they are not two strong yet separate entities, but a larger group of talented people who can collaborate effectively.

This reminded me of the Gap logo fiasco that we discussed in class. Perhaps it was not as big because the NBCUniversal logo isn’t plastered everywhere like the NBC logo is, but it is still pretty shocking. The peacock is so legendary, as it was first introduced with the network’s increase in color programming. NBC had two or three other logos following the original peacock but eventually went back to it realizing how powerful it was. The peacock is like the Nike swoosh—it doesn’t have to say NBC underneath, but you still know where it comes from.

That being said, the old logo wasn’t all about the peacock. However, the globe from Universal and the peacock from NBC were fused together so efficiently that I found it to be very successful. I like how it incorporated two timeless icons; as the audience, I know exactly where my good or service is coming from—I don’t need to question it.

In the new logo, I feel like I am second guessing myself. Because of this, I think the world of graphics just lost one of its most classic and original designs to the corporate world.

Aside from my personal opinion, with the creation of the new NBCUniversal logo came the birth of a new type face called Rock! It was specially developed for NBCUniversal by Bold Monday. It is available in multiple weights two distinct styles: Rock Serif and Rock Sans. The designers drew on the history of typography for both NBC and Universal and combined the two to make a new typeface.

— Jaime Manela


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