I think this poster is an example of one that doesn’t quite work. While I really like some parts of this poster (the guitar shape and the contrasting colors), I think the most important part is lost. The text is a little too bunched together and there seems to be way too much in one small area. I have a hard time finding the band’s name or the location of the concert which is the point of the entire poster. I think the concept was smart but the execution fell short.


I think this is an example of a really good poster. The image is what draws you in and, despite not seeing the entire face or microphone, you understand the concept and time period that the poster is trying to convey. The placement of the microphone draws your eye down to the title and from there you easily see all of the information you need. I think it is sleek and interesting without being overdone. I really like the color choices as they makes the poster stand out from others.

-Gabriella Rello

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