Poster Hunt

For the poster hunt, I found a poster for True Blood, the tv series and the movie Burn After Reading. For the True Blood poster, I thought it was a great example of a poster. It captured my attention instantly because it is so unlike other posters one normally sees. The black contrast with the glossy red blood and pearly white fangs make for a really interesting poster. True Blood does not even have to show the full face for viewers to get that the show is about a vampire and its almost better that they do not show the face because it leaves a mystery as to who it is, which entices viewers to watch the show. The typeface also works great because its big and gives off a mystery and scary vibe, like the show.

The Burn After reading poster was an example of a poster I did not like because it looks like they are trying to be creative and artsy but I think it comes across as confusing. The typeface is too big and the letters are on top of each other making it hard to read. The red is a dull red so the color to me does not attract my attention as the glossy red of the true blood poster. The yellow is also a odd color combination kind of reminding me of McDonalds colors.

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