Poster Hunt

I like this poster a lot because the typeface is only made out of shapes and there’s great balance between the letters as well as the rest of the graphics. The colors all seem to work well and are easy on the eye. The graphics all pertain to the show’s plot, and obviously the heads of the main characters are also added. I think that when you first look at it, it’s relatively easy to spot out the name of the show right away since it’s dead center and  surrounded by the other objects in an organized fashion. The only other info is the HBO wordmark, which is appropriately placed as a label of an amp.

I also found this poster on the internet, and didn’t like it. The keys of the piano hit the eye first, which I like, but the name of the event, translated in several different languages is oddly laid out in semi-circles. It’s hard to make out on first glance and I feel they could have done better integrating 3 or 4 different languages into one poster, rather than just laying them on top of each other in semi-circles. Lastly I find it confusing that this is the choice for a classical music concert. It strikes me rather modern due to the color and playfulness.

-Thomas Hautmann

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