1. Academy Awards 2007 – This is the promotional poster from the Oscars in 2007. I know it well- my Mom loved it so much that she purchased a print of the poster and it’s currently hanging in our TV room. I love this poster because it it so simple. It uses type to lead your eye down the page. It’s also an interactive poster- you read all the famous quotes and try to see if you can remember which movie they come from. The statue of Oscar himself is vertical so it leads your eye to the bottom, where the name of the event, the date, and time are clearly and cleanly displayed.

2. Phish, Concert, 2010- This is a poster from Phish’s concert in June 2010 at the Comcast Center in Massachusetts. I found it on the blog  “Music, Art & Posters.” First, I do not really like the colors on this poster. The green is very bright, and there are different shades of bright green used (the grass). On the house, the green alternates between the bright green and a muted green on different sides of the building. It gives me a headache. The same switch between bright and muted also can be found in the brown of the trees. The name of the band pops out and because the location is listed right below it, it is easy to find. However, the date is lost and it took me a second too long to find it.

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