I think the film festival poster is a great design. It is eye-catching through its color and image use. The graphic is not my favorite but it is an expression of how somebody perceives this film festival. I also like the use of hierarchy in this poster. It begins with the date and title, so viewers know that is is a poster for a film festival.  Then, the information about the showings are organized neatly on the bottom. It is a very readable poster and it has a movie-poster look, which was probably the intention the designer.

I originally like the Counting Crows’s poster. I saw this concert over the summer and thought of this poster when I went to look up images. However, looking at it next to a poster that lists all of the information for the event, I decided this was not the greatest poster. I think that the use of design and typeface is clever and it attracts attention. However, the poster does not offer any other information besides websites. I hate when posters do that. I don’t think this poster provides enough information for me to want to go look up concert dates. I don’t even know, from looking at it, what months the concert would be in. I also don’t like the use of white space under the main headline and between the website addresses. I think its distracting and I feel like there was supposed to be something there that the designer removed.


-Jackie Dickson

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