I came across this poster on the web and was immediately drawn into it by the creative way it conveys the message. It is a poster of a piano concert to in memoriam of September 11. The black keyboards mimic the shape of the twin tower. And the vertical lines point to the texts on the top. When I first see the image, it doesn’t make a lot of sense although it’s certainly attractive and bold. But with the emphasizing words of “World Trade Center” and “Piano Concert,” the whole concept becomes clear right away. It’s a real photograph, and the designer left the bottom margin of black piano also mimics the shape of a ground and it pulls the whole poster down to gravity. The only message the readers need to get is 911 and piano, this poster certainly shows the hierarchy directly and in an impressive way.























While this poster tries to show the message in a very creative way, it’s not as effective. First, it’s not a good way to compare skin to paper, though I did get the message of “wrinkled” and “smooth.” The type is hard to read too. The way it all lined up in a vertical line in the center, and the fact the words are the same in top and bottom, it’s very confusing. I had to read it twice to get what it actually says. The poster does have a hierarchy which it puts a red box on the word “to” to emphasize the transition. I would not want to buy the product after seeing this poster.

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