I think the Vampire Weekend poster is a an example of a good poster. There is a clear hierarchy in the poster with the title and the visual being the largest size with the concert date being smaller on the side. I like how the visual matches the band name, which makes it very creative and humorous, and helps the viewer know what the poster is for. I also like how the skin of the vampire matches the stripes in the title and the opening band in the concert. I think it is good how the poster is not full of text or visuals, which draws the viewer’s eyes to what is important. On the other hand, the poster for the movie, I am Legend, is an example of a bad poster. Although there is hierarchy with Will Smith’s name and the headline, there is no mention of the title of the movie, which makes the poster confusing. I also feel like there isn’t enough white space and there’s too much going on. I think it would look better if the emphasis was less on the headline but more on the visual. It also doesn’t say when the movie is coming out but rather just says december.



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