Good and Bad Poster Designs

I think the two posters I choose above are examples of good and bad poster designs. I really like the Jack Daniel’s poster. You get the theme of what the product is about without blatantly saying it. The contrast of colors creates hierarchy making the alcohol the most important piece one looks at first. I also like how the poster greats an overall mood and theme. You know what audience this product is trying to attract just through its poster design. In contrast, I really dislike this superhero poster. I think the colors chosen make it hard to see everything and there is a lack of contrast with the colors blending into each other.  I feel that this is not a good poster design if one does not get the overall message by looking at it, which I do not. This poster could definitely think of a bunch of more creative ways to depict superhero or finding crime, not just giving the image of the individual. I definitely feel this poster lacks creativity and simplicity, which I feel are two core elements of a good poster design. I also think this poster lacks white space or space in general which makes it hard to look at.  – Jessica Ente

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