Final Identity System

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    • Jaime Manela
    • February 27th, 2011

    This is one of my favorite identity systems. I love the hand-drawn KV and how they connect. I think it adds a nice personal feel. Also, the colored shapes are the perfect amount of pizazz- they don’t overwhelm the design at all. I like how on one side of the business card you made them the focus by making fewer of them larger, while in other places they were more a part of the background.

    Everything looks awesome!

  1. I really love this identity system. I think it is extremely colorful and demonstrates a lot of personality. It is unique and has just enough going on without being cluttered and confusing. The initials are simple and the colors next to them are just enough.

    -Allison Richards

  2. This logo was one of my favorites. The color adds so much to the design and attracts more attention than just a black logo would. I like how the color curves around the shape of the letters, it compliments it well. I also like the typeface alot because of how it connects the KV to add a nice design.
    -Elizabeth Philbin

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