When you see this logo, you automatically think of speed and danger, and then of a race car (because we know what Hot Wheels are), but the primary association is due to an excellent use of color. Red yellow and orange are appropriate colors for their logo design which represents the name in a flame outline shape, “hot wheels” is on fire, and the colors really get that idea across as opposed to it being all solid color, the gradient blends these colors very well to create the flame effect as opposed to have just solid colors placed on top of or next to each other. While the brown and yellow/gold, do stand out both against each other and compared to many logos seen today, the logo itself does not use color that well, i think improvements could be made to make it more appealing on the eye. Although recognizable, it is ugly (in my opinion). I am not quite sure how the colors relate to the theme of the design, I guess UPS has sort of branded this brown colors as their “color”, in that their trucks and workers all wear this color. But why is it so boring and ugly, and the yellow/gold against the brown just looks harsh their is no sense of blending or relationship between the colors.


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